Concierge Service

You Focus on your Practice while we
Call, Qualify & Schedule Appointments with Deposits

We help you reduce no-shows. You and your staff do not have to spend all day calling leads, we do the calling, qualifying, and booking (using your scheduling software), and we also require a deposit via your merchant account.
In short, we provide a marketing agency and an appointment generating machine.

Step 1

A Lead connects through website or Ads

Our multichannel digital marketing strategies like SEO, content marketing, and PPC and others can get you high intent and targeted lead for you. 

Step 2

We call, Nurture and qualify the lead

Our process involves reaching out to the lead within 5 mins, understanding their needs, and answering any service/treatment related questions.

If the patient is not ready to schedule a consultation, we provide excellent customer service and will continue to stay in front of them on their social profiles as well as email and SMS.

Step 3

Lead books schedule with deposit

All appointments will be booked with a deposit.

If you have not implemented this in your business we will integrate this approach to help you scale with confidence. 

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